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Cast Aluminium

On-site Storage Instructions for Metal Products

We stock huge quantities of metal rainwater systems, metal drainage solutions, metal roofline and aluminium architectural products – so that you can order when you need them and not have them taking up space on site. BUT if you do need to store our products onsite...

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Cutting Metal Guttering Methods

We often get asked what the right equipment or method is for cutting metal guttering and downpipes. The answer depends on the metal that you intend cutting or drilling into.

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How many brackets will I need?

We often get asked how many brackets will be needed per length of metal guttering. The answer depends on the metal guttering range that you have bought. Galvanised Steel /Copper/ Zinc /Stainless Steel guttering ranges Image1: Steel, copper, zinc Position Fascia...

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8 Tips For How to Clean Metal Guttering

8 Tips For How to Clean Cast Iron Guttering, Aluminium Guttering, Steel Guttering, Copper Guttering, Zinc Guttering from Metal Guttering experts Rainclear Systems – the home of metal guttering

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Rainclear and the Restoration Couple Case Study Video

The Restoration Couple you tube channel, on which the couple share all sorts of projects and content based around the renovation of their North Somerset home, gets around 1 million views a month and is one of the biggest DIY/renovation channels in the UK.  They...

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Heavy-Wall Pipe – When & Where To Use It

Rainclear Systems recently added a Heavy-wall Downpipe, with a cast eared socket, to the Cast Aluminium Rainwater Range. Available in Textured Black in 10 days. Meant for the high traffic end of the downpie drop. To take the hard knocks.

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