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Rainclear Summer Giveaway

To celebrate Summer once again we’re giving away branded T-shirts and Aluminium Water Bottles with orders over £500 placed in July 2022.

Image 1. Rainclear branded t-shirts and aluminium water bottles.
Image 1. Rainclear branded t-shirts and aluminium water bottles.

“To help celebrate Summer 2022 we’re giving away 100 Rainclear branded T-shirt & Aluminium Water Bottle kits this July. But once they’re gone, they’re gone!
When temperatures rise and the advice is to keep cool and hydrated, a cool cotton T-shirt and a water bottle – with a handy carabiner to keep access to hydration to hand – become essential additions to your toolkit. So, grab your ‘keep cool kit!’ today”

Anthony Hitchman – MD at Rainclear Systems.

This July when you spend £500 or more we’ll throw in a T-shirt and an aluminium water bottle. Once again, there will be white t-shirts with branding printed in blue, or blue t-shirts with the branding printing in white. There are white bottles with the Rainclear brand printed in blue, or blue ones printed in white. If you have any preference between the two, you can always mention it in the comment box at the online checkout. Otherwise, one of the team will call after you’ve placed your order to ask which colour combination and which size Tee you want included – stocks allowing.

To browse and buy our metal rainwater, roofline, drainage and architectural ranges online securely via credit card or PayPal visit www.rainclear.co.uk now.

If you have any questions about our metal rainwater, roofline, drainage and architectural ranges please call the friendly, knowledgeable team FREE on 0800 644 44 26, email sales@rainclear.co.uk or search the Resources site resources.rainclear.co.uk for installation guidance, case studies for inspiration, technical guides and downloadable pricelists.

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